Computer Store Uganda Limited Joins IBM as a Partner, Signing Three Contracts with IBM

Computer Store Uganda Limited Joins IBM as a Partner, Signing Three Contracts with IBM

In a landmark move set to revolutionize the technology landscape in East Africa, Computer Store Uganda Limited has announced its official partnership with IBM. This strategic collaboration includes the signing of three significant contracts: Service Partner, Reseller Hardware, and Reseller. The partnership extends IBM’s cutting-edge solutions to six countries: Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Service Partner Agreement

As an IBM Service Partner, Computer Store Uganda Limited will provide a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Consulting Services: Helping businesses optimize their IT infrastructure and adopt best practices.
  • Implementation Services: Ensuring smooth deployment of IBM technologies.
  • Support Services: Offering ongoing maintenance and technical support to enhance operational efficiency and cybersecurity.

These services aim to drive digital transformation and innovation across various industries, helping businesses improve their operational efficiency and competitive edge.

Reseller Hardware Agreement

The Reseller Hardware contract enables Computer Store Uganda Limited to distribute IBM’s high-performance hardware products, such as:

  • IBM Servers: Including IBM Power Systems and IBM Z mainframes.
  • IBM Storage Solutions: Such as IBM FlashSystem, IBM Storage as a Service, and IBM Cloud Object Storage.
  • IBM Networking Equipment: Providing robust solutions for modern IT environments.

This agreement ensures that businesses in East Africa can build reliable, scalable IT infrastructures supported by Computer Store Uganda Limited’s expertise in sales, installation, and maintenance.

Reseller Agreement

The Reseller agreement allows Computer Store Uganda Limited to offer IBM’s extensive range of software solutions and cloud services, which include:

  • IBM Cloud: Cloud computing services offering IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS for digital transformation.
  • IBM Watson: AI and machine learning services that enhance business processes and decision-making.
  • IBM Security: Comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that protect data and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • IBM Analytics: Advanced data analytics tools, including IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM SPSS, providing actionable insights.
  • IBM Blockchain: Solutions to improve transaction security and efficiency.
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud: Integrating on-premises and cloud environments for seamless operation.
  • IBM Quantum Computing: Advanced computing solutions for complex problem-solving.

By providing these products, Computer Store Uganda Limited empowers businesses with tools to innovate, optimize operations, and enhance decision-making processes.

Expanding Footprint Across East Africa

IBM’s authorization for Computer Store Uganda Limited to operate in Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania underscores the strategic importance of this partnership. Each country stands to benefit significantly from IBM’s advanced technologies and expert services:

  • Uganda: Stimulating the local tech ecosystem with access to IBM’s technologies.
  • Eritrea and Ethiopia: Supporting the development of technological infrastructure in key sectors like healthcare and finance.
  • Kenya: Enhancing capabilities in a vibrant tech industry.
  • Rwanda: Aiding ambitious digital transformation goals.
  • Tanzania: Supporting efforts to modernize industries and boost economic growth.

IBM Product Offerings

IBM offers a wide range of products and solutions that are now accessible through Computer Store Uganda Limited. These include:

  • Cloud Computing: IBM Cloud, IBM Cloud Paks
  • AI and Data: IBM Watson, IBM SPSS, IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Security: IBM Security, IBM QRadar
  • Blockchain: IBM Blockchain
  • Enterprise Systems: IBM Power Systems, IBM Z Mainframes
  • Storage Solutions: IBM FlashSystem, IBM Storage as a Service
  • Networking: IBM Networking solutions
  • Quantum Computing: IBM Quantum

For more information on IBM products, visit IBM’s official website.

The partnership between Computer Store Uganda Limited and IBM marks a significant milestone in advancing technology across East Africa. By signing the Service Partner, Reseller Hardware, and Reseller contracts, Computer Store Uganda Limited is positioned to deliver unparalleled value, driving innovation, efficiency, and digital transformation in Uganda, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania. This collaboration promises to foster sustainable economic growth and development, leveraging IBM’s world-class technologies and solutions.

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